May 10, 2017

It is possible to be a conscious consumer and wear all natural, organic clothing while staying fashionable.

The term “eco-friendly” isn't always associated with cutting edge apparel.  For a long time, organic clothing was quite basic and utilitarian – not very attractive. These days you can be green and look good too. With high-quality sustainable apparel made from organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and bamboo.

It’s surprisingly affordable too.

The cultivation and manufacturing of cheaper conventional cotton is harsh on the environment. By making the switch to organic you're definitely getting your money's worth. There are so many wonderful benefits to organic cotton.

Organic cotton production embraces the Fair Trade business model. Farmers and factory workers have safe working conditions and a living wage. The simple act of wearing organic clothes can actually make a real difference in people’s lives.

Consider that conventional cotton uses 55 million pounds of pesticide each year. Pesticides have a horrible impact on the environment. Turing farmland into a poisoned landscape. Plus, farmworkers and their families experience extreme medical conditions due to these chemicals. (The World Health Organization attributes up to 20,000 deaths per year to pesticide poisoning.)

Conventional cotton is a notorious huge water hog. Using an estimated 5,283 gallons to produce two pounds of cotton, according to the World Wildlife Federation.

Affordable and Ethical Fashion

Now let’s talk fashion.

Designers and apparel makers working with organic cotton are breaking new ground. We are seeing fashion designers and top brands embrace organic fabrics in their clothing.

But you don’t have to go that extreme either and shell out for high fashion or haute couture. Organic clothing is about good-looking clothes for everyday people. For people who want a distinctive style while not breaking the bank to get it.

Organic Clothing Styles

In general, organic clothing gives you the same look as conventional cotton apparel. Of course, organic cotton is better for your skin, it’s softer, and it’s thicker – which means it’s more durable. It’s ideal if you have sensitive skin or certain allergies.

Organic clothing is versatile and you can wear it for many occasions. Put together an outfit for a backyard barbecue, a family gathering, a day out on the water. Make an outfit more formal for everyday office wear or a date night. Or go casual for a gym workout and lounging around in comfort.

At Goose Organic we strive to achieve versatility. Giving the customer stylish options to choose from. For comfort, we have organic t-shirts in short and long sleeve and super soft hoodies. If you want to dress it up we have organic polos, limited edition button-down, and pullover shirts — in solid and eye-catching prints. As well as an organic long sleeve button down for men and a “boyfriend” style shirt for women. To accessorize we offer organic beanies, baseball hats scarves and bamboo sunglasses.

With a wide range of choices from Goose Organic, as well as other designers and clothing companies dedicated to the organic clothing movement, it’s quite easy to integrate organic clothing in your personal style. You could even go all organic! With trends going the way they are, expect to see more organic clothing options.

Ethical, affordable, environmentally-conscious, and fashionable – that’s organic clothing today.

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